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  • Examine and reflect upon the SAMR cycle lesson/assignment design below.
  • Choose one of your upcoming lessons or assignments and modify to be at MODIFICATION or REDEFINITION.
  • You may use the 5E model lesson planning template included below or your own LEA/School adopted template.
  • Download the Pedagogy WheelYou may also use the embedded PDF at bottom of this page.
  • Find the appropriate Blooms Cognitive Domain Category. Choose one or more tools that might
    be used to teach the lesson or to suggest for student use while completing the assignment/lesson.
  • Hovering over the tool icons will produce a link you can follow to review/use the tool.
  • Add the tools you picked to your lesson plan as a resource (s).
  • Be prepared to share with your group.


Original Assignment:Draw a picture using traditional brush, paint and paper.
  • Substitution:Use a digital drawing/painting program to draw/paint a picture.
  • Augmentation:Use a tool that allows the artwork to be played back.
  • Modification:Pull a background image either obtained or created by student to use as a canvas.
  • Redefinition:Create artwork collaboratively using a collaborative online whiteboard.

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--Lesson Planning Template - 5E Model

--Pedagogy Wheel V4.1:
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--8 Examples of Transforming Lessons Through the SAMR Cycle