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  • Examine and reflect upon the SAMR cycle lesson/assignment design below.
  • Choose one of your upcoming lessons or assignments and modify to be at MODIFICATION or REDEFINITION.
  • You may use the 5E model lesson planning template included below or your own LEA/School adopted template.
  • Download the Pedagogy WheelYou may also use the embedded PDF at bottom of this page.
  • Find the appropriate Blooms Cognitive Domain Category. Choose one or more tools that might
    be used to teach the lesson or to suggest for student use while completing the assignment/lesson.
  • Hovering over the tool icons will produce a link you can follow to review/use the tool.
  • Add the tools you picked to your lesson plan as a resource (s).
  • Be prepared to share with your group.

Lesson:An Assessment Exercise

Original Assignment: Take a quiz with answers handwritten in a printed form.
  • Substitution: Distribute the quiz in a word processor file format and have students fill in answers on a computer.
  • Augmentation: Use an online form tool to deliver and complete the quiz.
  • Modification: As an alternative form of assessment, students write an essay about a theme included in the quiz content. The written essay could then be narrated and captured as vocal recording.
  • Redefinition: A classroom is asked to create a documentary video answering an essential question related to important concepts included in the quiz content. Teams of students work on different subtopics and collaborate to create one final product. Teams should include to outside sources for information.

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--Lesson Planning Template - 5E Model

--Pedagogy Wheel V4.1:
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--8 Examples of Transforming Lessons Through the SAMR Cycle